QIS NKX is a ready-to-use, matte interior wall paint coating based on thermoplastic resin, formulated with deodorized solvent, that blocks moisture.


  • easily applied to walls and ceilings inside buildings.
  • Since the special additives in it cure with moisture,
  • it is applied to slightly wet and damp surfaces.
  • It is especially used in summer houses, warehouses and basements, in intense humid and alkaline environments such as tunnels, cellars and cellars.


  • It can be easily applied on all kinds of damp surfaces indoors .
  • Since it does not contain oil and alkyd, it preserves its whiteness and does not turn yellow.
  • It blocks the moisture and humidity coming from the wall and prevents the growth of mold and bacteria.
  • It dries fast.
  • Its alkali resistance is very high, it does not spill.
  • It provides an excellent adhesion to the surface without primer.
  • It is perfect for solving the damage and spillage problems caused by moisture and humidity in buildings, especially at the flood level.
  • Since it does not have an unpleasant odor, the painted area can be used shortly after the application.