QIS POLI CON is a polyurethane based, two component, solvent free, crack bridging waterproofing membrane. Since the reaction is very fast, it can only be applied with the help of special machines.


It is used in roof, terrace and terrace gardens, aircraft hangars, tunnels, collection tanks, underground water tanks, insulation and coating of parking lots, ornamental pools, canals, warehouses.


  • It has high mechanical strength.
  • It can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • It provides easy solutions in difficult details.
  • It can be used safely without the need for solving edges, corners and joint details.
  • It is quick to apply and cures quickly.
  • It provides monolithic application, no joints, overlaps etc. details.
  • It has the ability to adhere to many surfaces with the use of the right primer.
  • It provides 100% adherence to the ground. Thanks to its vapor permeability, the risk of swelling is low.
  • It has the ability to cover cracks. It can be used in continuous water contact.
  • It is solvent free.